The pedicure that many men prefer, is in the Constitution!

The subject of discussion has become a manicure and pedicure shop in Syntagma! ..

The reason ; The preference shown by many men! Let's start from the beginning.

We more or less knew that there are several men who need care of their feet.
Either from the very demanding modern rhythms, or because many do jobs that require several hours of standing such as Lawyers, salesmen, waiters, etc., or for health reasons for example men suffering from "onychocytosis" dld from nails that enter the skin from very intense sports (football, basketball) with foot strain, abnormal gait, obesity, diabetes. Arthritis, hyperhidrosis etc.

But often many of them take care of themselves with great difficulty and without the necessary knowledge at home.

But this came to change the philosophy of a new store in Mitropoleos very friendly to men and with specialized and suitable staff.

As a result, apart from many women, many men also prefer it and it is now the new talk of the town in the center of Athens.

find us:
Mitropoleos Nais & Beauty
Mitropoleos Street 12-14 Syntagma


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